OFSC - Snowmobiling News and Updates - January 2014

Going Loopy

The buzz around Ontario snowmobiling this season is all about tour loops and loop riding. Although many loops have been around for a while, others are just getting started. So what can riders expect this season?

All loops are not the same and have been created to meet the varying needs of riders in various parts of the province. Some are primarily saddlebag loops, while others are more for day-tripping recreational riders. Some are longer and others are shorter. Some are close to many towns and others are more remote.

The whole loop concept is a work in progress. This season, the OFSC is promoting eight selected tour loops. These loops are showcased in the Go Snowmobiling Ontario Magazine, the 2014 Provincial Trail Guide and online Interactive Trail Guide, and on participating district websites.

The OFSC is committed to improving rider experience by continuing to develop, improve and enhance our loop circuit this season and in the future. Visit our website at www.ofsc.on.ca for more information and how you can participate to improve these exciting snowmobiling experiences.


Good News About 2014 Permit Sales  

Thanks for buying a 2014 Snowmobile Trail Permit! Your support has helped build permit sales this season into a good news story for everyone. Our latest figures reconfirm that changes already underway for organized snowmobiling in Ontario are already yielding positive results.

December 1 permit sales have continued the growth trend started with the early success of Pre-November 1 online sales. In fact, 13,000 more Seasonal/Classic Permit Buyers committed to OFSC snowmobiling prior to Dec. 1 this season than last year at Dec. 1. Best of all, as of this newsletter, more permits have already been sold in total than all of last season!  

Happy sledding and take it easy on OFSC Trails!


Tech on the Trails

We hope you're enjoying our trails this season. Here are a few tools that will help make your riding experience even more enjoyable...

-Carry the world's largest snowmobile trail network conveniently in your pocket.

-Plan your ride in any area of the province with OFSC prescribed trails.

-Gain streamlined access to OFSC's online Interactive Trail Guide 

Mobile Apps - Apple, Android and Blackberry


New TrakMaps For Your GPS

Snowmobile Ontario1 features:

-Over 19,000 Points of Interest including gas stations, cellular towers and more.

-Routable mode with integrated map background.

-Topographic data including mountains, hills, valleys, lakes, rivers and forest zones.  

-Buildings, roads, electric lines and other landmarks.

TrakMaps Garmin and Lowrance GPS snowmobile1Upgrade Deal for Last Year's Buyers:

Riders who purchased the 2012 version of the GPS product within the last 12 months may qualify for the special upgrade price of $10 until January 31st, 2014. After the deadline TrakMaps will provide you with 50% off the regular purchase price. To be eligible for this offer, proof of purchase is required.


Take It Easy On Those Roads

Following a number of early season collisions between snowmobiles and vehicles on public roads, we are reminding you to avoid road running wherever possible. Where snowmobiling on a public road for a short distance is legal and necessary, here are important riding tips to remember...

-Moderate your pace according to conditions.

-Watch out for parked cars and vehicles emerging from driveways.

-Always give motor vehicles the right of way.

-Be extra cautious approaching intersections.

-Obey all traffic signs.

-Slow down wherever snow banks obstruct your view.


Snap'n Share  

Are you a photo buff? The OFSC would love to see your best snowmobiling photos - you know, pictures of trail riding, family fun and other sledding activities and events. So if you'd like to see some of your shots in the Go Snowmobiling Ontario Magazine, on 2015 trail guides or on the OFSC website, please email hi-res photos to us at: photos@ofsc.on.ca

Please include your contact information so we can reach you if necessary and we'll accept your email as your permission to use your photos.


Inside Scoop  


Here's an article every snowmobiler should read from the latest issue of Snow Goer Canada magazine. It's a comprehensive look at the state of snowmobiling in Canada today, with input from real riders to the four manufacturers. A great reality check for everyone who loves to snowmobile.